Bookkeeping (becoming a QBO ProAdvisor)

  • Invoicing/Bill paying
  • Account Reconciliation
  • More services will be added when I complete the certification

Administrative Services

  •   Calendar/Schedule maintenance
  •   Email assistance
  •   Scheduling/Appointment confirmation
  •   Data Entry
  •   Travel arrangements

Document Creation

  •   Proofreading/editing
  •   Word processing – newsletters, correspondence, proposals, etc.
  •   Itineraries
  •   Meeting agendas

Internet Research

  •   Blog Posts
  •   Articles
  •   Proposals

Social Media Maintenance – specifically Facebook and LinkedIn (for now)

  •   Writing a blog post
  •   Proofreading/editing blog post
  •   Scheduling a post
  •   Creating profiles, pages
  •   Updating profiles, pages


What I can do for you?

I’m flexible and will consider any number of tasks or projects that can be done virtually. I can send out cards or any kind of mailings for you; take care of your bookkeeping; create any kind of document you need and send them out as you like; do research for upcoming projects; research and write a blog post for you or proofread yours; help you with your calendar and email so that you know where you need to be every day and have only the most important emails flagged…just to name a few things.  The list is endless!

Don’t know what you want?

Let’s talk.  Contact me for a free initial consultation using the contact form or you can book a 30 minute discovery call here.