Why do I want to own my own business in the first place?

I want to work and I have two options:  I can work a regular job or I can start my own business.  And let’s be honest here, it would be easier to just go get that regular job.  Owning a business isn’t easy, so why did I choose to do that?  I have several reasons, actually.  The main ones are that I want freedom to choose what assignments I want to take on, who I want to work with and what hours I want to work.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I take my responsibilities for my home and family very important, and owning my own business allows me to work and continue to care for my family as I feel is my Christian responsibility to do.  I love my home and family and there is no other place that I want to be.  Owning my own VA business allows me to work from home and to work the hours that work best for me around my family responsibilities.  Now I am willing to go on-site for local clients, but I still get to choose when and how that happens.

The other big one is that I like being my own boss, period.  I have worked for others and I usually end up working for people that seem to have it less together than I do but they get the credit for my hard work.  I don’t mind being in the background; I am in the business to help my clients look their best and for their businesses to run as efficiently as possible, but I want the choice to be in the background for the people I respect to allow that to happen.  If I don’t respect you, I’m not going to work with you and being my own boss allows me that freedom.

The whole thing boils down to freedom.  I want my freedom to do as I choose, and I think every entrepreneur has that feeling at their core.  I also love that I give freedom to my clients.  I take care of the administrative/bookkeeping tasks that my client would be bogged down with and with me doing those tasks, my clients are then free to use those hours as they please.  Work on building their business or spend time with their family, however they choose to do with that time.  Choice is a powerful word, and I think that is the operative word here.  I want the choice and I know my clients do to.  So, if you are looking for a VA that will give you the choice of having more hours in the day/week to do as you please, contact me.  Because, trust me, I understand.

Until next time,



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