What is the value of YOUR time?

When I am talking to a potential client, the same question always pops up, “how much do you charge?”   Now, I have a very reasonable rate and I am still told by some that I am too much.  And I think that is so, well, funny.  If you’re at the point that you know you need a virtual assistant/bookkeeper to help take care of all the moving parts that are involved in making your business successful, than have you not also thought about the hours that will be freed up by this delegation and what the value of your time is?  I mean if you spend ten hours a week doing your admin/bookkeeping work, you are not out there growing your clientele, selling your products, or expanding your business in any quantifiable way.  So, if you work with me and I take care of those ten hours of admin/bookkeeping work, then do you not now have ten hours to make more money?  What my price is per hour is really rather worth it when you consider how you would be spending those hours if you didn’t have to take care of the logistics of running your business.

As a VA and virtual bookkeeper, I am an invaluable asset to your company simply because I give you more time to accomplish your goals in growing your business.  Want more clients, or sell more products?  Then don’t those free hours now give you the opportunity to do just that; your time has value, doesn’t it?  In short, stop thinking so much about how much I cost, but consider instead what value I give you by thinking of the value of the time saved by letting me run the admin/bookkeeping part of your business and also think about what the value of that time gained means to you.

Until next time,



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