When things are slow…

As I’ve already said in previous posts, I’ve just started on the entrepreneurial journey to a successful business and happy client base.  There are a lot of things for me to do right now to work on myself and my business to get it ready for my first client.  I’m working on the QBO ProAdvisor certification and trying to learn how to manage LinkedIn and Facebook – you know that whole social networking thing.  There’s also writing posts like this one and scheduling posts for my Facebook page that are informative about VA’s and their benefits.  Let’s face it, in reality just about everyone in business could use a VA, whether they want to admit that is another story.  I’m not going to write about the benefits of having a VA by your side on your own business journey; the benefits I provide are immeasurable and quite valuable.

But this is a post about what to do when things are slow, so here are some suggestions (I’m doing this myself, so I know):

  1. Work on your prospect list. Whether you are using LinkedIn or local businesses, build that list of quality prospects that you can either call or send information to so you can follow up with them at a later date.  That’s what I’ve done – sent out a few letters and will be calling them next week to see what’s going on with them.
  2. Work on developing your skills. Like I said earlier, I’m working on a QBO certification.  From there, I would like to obtain a VA certification, or just more training to expand my skill set.  Work on you, you’re worth it.
  3. Start another business. Seriously, don’t you have a hobby or something that you love to do or make that you can sell on Etsy, eBay or something similar?  I love to do craft painting and I am working on an inventory as well as my VA business and as soon as I have a good inventory, I’m going to either Etsy or eBay (still haven’t decided which one would be best) and sell that inventory.  You’re still going to be making money and doing something constructive in the process.
  4. Go to networking events. I don’t know about you, but since I am quite the introvert, the idea of networking just makes me cold.  But, you need to get out there and let people know you exist and what you can provide them.  As much as I wish you could just build a website and the clients will just find you and fall in love and want to hire you, it doesn’t work like that.  You have to make an effort to build relationships, either in person or on social media.  It seems to me that it is easier to do it in person, but maybe because I haven’t mastered the whole LinkedIn thing.
  5. Read! There is always a book or a blog post that will expand your mind or your perceptions and you will be learning something new, maybe a whole new way of being.  Try reading business books, self-help books, and similar blogs.  There is so much information available to you, always keep growing as a human and a business owner.

There’s more you can do, but above are a few suggestions.  As I said, these are things that I am actually doing myself.  Today, I have a networking event to go to that is making me both excited and anxious, but I need to make connections and get myself out there for people to know I exist, that my services are necessary for business success.  Good luck to you, and keep at it; you get back what you put into it!

Until next time,



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