Creating a God-centered business

You may be asking what does that even mean and I’m letting you know that I am working that out myself.  I know in the past, I tried to start my business without praying or going to God for His insight or guidance.  Such is not the case anymore, God is my CEO and I refer to Him as much as possible.  I seek His counsel and His help in making my business into something that brings Him the glory, not me.

As part of being a Christian, we are to be as Christ-like as is in our ability to be.  And Christ himself says in Scripture that he came not to be served but to serve.  I operate my business with that in mind that I am here to serve, to help others with their professional and personal lives – creating order from the chaos.  That’s what any virtual assistant does, but I do it to give God the glory, I am but an instrument of His.

The thing is reaching out to people who I can help.  I’m just getting down the rudimentary basics of networking and knowing who my ideal client is would be a great help to me.  I don’t know really who my target audience is, other than people who are greatly in need of my help in taking care of the details or their businesses and lives.  But do I have a target audience?  Not particularly, I’ve been praying about this but have yet to come up with the answer to that question.  I know I want to work with entrepreneurs for the most part, small operations that are in need of admin help but aren’t in the position yet to hire a permanent employee.

Regardless, my business is about serving God and serving others.  I want to be vital to a person’s business operation, to be a sounding board and an administrative assistant.  I want to give and having the opportunity to do that rests in God’s hands.  All I can do is pray, and that I do – a lot.  My business is in God’s hands and mighty hands they are.

Until next time,



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