Re-vamping my VA biz!

I’ve been struggling with this VA biz for awhile, mostly because it was something I was not passionate about.  Recently, God has been sending me signs about my writing.  I have been told by many people over the years that I am a great writer, more so recently since I started blogging.  I had decided to step back from the VA biz until I could figure out how to make it something I would be passionate about.  Then, God in all His wonders, provided the inspiration.  I recently have been hired by another VA to be her copywriter and she suggested that I offer blog writing and copy writing as a service, to concentrate on that and let the other stuff go.  Now, she is not the first to suggest that to me; I believe my business mentor has done so, too.  But something about the timing of the other VA’s suggestion just seemed to resonate with me.  So, here I am to announce that I have re-vamped my website and services to concentrate on writing, proofreading/editing and research.  It seems to be what I excel at, so why not concentrate on it?  Anyway, I thought I would explain myself as to why the sudden change in my biz.  God-willing, I’ll be successful at creating a VA biz that I am passionate about.

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