Marketing as an introvert.

Being a Christian introvert does not lead well to being a marketing master.  I don’t do the “salesy” thing at all.  I understand the importance of building relationships and trust with potential clients, and I strive to do that.  It just doesn’t come natural to me, not because I am untrustworthy, just the opposite actually, but because I am a very quiet person and I don’t ring my own bell as the saying goes.  I’ve been told that when it comes to potential clients that I need to remember to explain what is in it for them.  That definitely does not come natural; I simply don’t think like that and that is the rub.  I may be new to the whole VA scene; but, I am a very competent and dedicated person who would endeavor to give the very best service to my clients.  I need to work on the whole marketing thing, because, as I said, it does not come natural to me.  Below is a link to an article that I have found useful that addresses marketing as an introvert.

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