Who’s running your business? If it’s not you, then there’s a problem.

Over the last months, I have received a lot of advice from my mentor, from other virtual assistants, business coaches, you name it.  And the majority of them have said that I need to choose a niche for my VA business.  I’ve been fighting it because it does seem counter-intuitive to narrow down who you will work with, that I’ll be losing possible business if I have a niche.  However, again, according to the experts, narrowing down my niche means I learn that niche as an expert, their pain points, what they need, where they hang out online and off, etc.  That does make sense to me.  So, I’ve been thinking about it.  Agonizing over it is actually more accurate a statement.  Someone I trust implicitly says to not niche until I know who I want to work with.  Yet, I’ve kind of worked that out.  I have always been fascinated with architecture and structural/civil engineering.  I mean to take something you visualize in your mind and making it into a real object that stands, possibly for years, is amazing.  I have a tremendous respect for these professions.  So, I made the plunge.  I am now, officially, a virtual assistant for architects and civil/structural engineers.

Ultimately, it is my business and I am the boss of it – isn’t that the whole purpose of starting your own business in the first place; to make the decisions!  So, I have and I really hope I made the wisest decision.  But another trusted mentor (now that I think about it, both of my mentors have said it) told me there is no right or wrong; just wise and unwise.  Is it wise to narrow down my customer base, according to the experts it is.  Is it wise to pray and think long and hard on the idea, and then eventually just doing it and going for it?  That may take time to answer. Regardless, I have made the decision and I have to live with the repercussions.  And another great thing about being my own boss, I can always change my mind in the future.  I can always re-brand and start all over again.  I have the freedom to do that.

I love being a freelancer for so many reasons: the freedom to choose, the freedom to work with who you want, the freedom to be home with my family, to just name a few.  Is running a business easy? No, if it were everyone would be doing it.  But it is the right choice for me; I’m too much of an independent thinker to work in some office doing the same thing day in and day out.  However, I do wish I could have a quick five minute conversation with God where He could answer if I am doing the wise thing, because as it stands now, it’s a crap shoot.  Scripture says to walk by faith and not by sight.  Running your own business is a huge test of faith, but one I am willing to take.

Until next time, blessings to you all,



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